Friday, November 6, 2009

The September Issue

Today I went with a friend to see the new documentary 'The September Issue', i was drooling the entire time. Although Anna Wintour was already my idol she has been joined by the phenomonal creative director Grace Coddington. Grace is an absolute genius and probably the most passionate person in the whole film, Welsh romantic and fabulous Grace dresses demurely in mainly black and yet I have never seen anyone with a more creative and beautiful vision.

Many critics are saying that Grace stole the film from Anna. That Anna was again portrayed as the tyrant, but in my eyes it's reality not as 'gawker' said a stop on Anna's 'Make-People-Like-Me-Before-My-Contracts-Up-Tour 2009' instead i feel its Anna's attempt to show the real her even if it IS similair to the character portrayed by Streep in the blockbuster 'The Devil Wears Prada'. I have gained even MORE admiration for Anna snce seing this documentary but also immense respect for Grace and a fabulous behind the scenes glimpse on what a Creative Director does (my dream is to artistc/creative director and stylist for photo shoots). Anyone who has not caught the film MUST do so especially while it's still in cinemas - those clothes on the big screen are phenomonal.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dior 2009/2010

John Galliano's show for Autumn/Winter Dior seems to have produced some phenomonal pieces...being in the southern hemisphere its frustrating going into to summer however the orange in this dress could probably translate as a summer piece - the risk being 'are bright colours too cliche for summer?'
The gauzy effect created by the fabric in the pleated skirt is echoed in this piece from the same collection
i was also interested not by the dress - i have a thing against shocking pink and ruffles at the hips- but in the STOCKINGS with that beautiful seam up the back GLAMOUR

i loved the hair and makeup on these models - quintissentially 80's i think reminded me of the fabulous Pat Benatar
I think all of the above ladies look ready for battle...

Photos of My Dress

Finally... finally i have the photos of my dress ready to it is i apologise for the slightly stoned face I am showing off here. I wasnt sure when the camera would take the shot - stupid timer...;)
The second shot was a mess up but it is so beautiful and creative it looks like I am being sucked into a golden hole it made me think of this song. It's called 'Solid Gold' and its by the Golden Filter

Friday, August 7, 2009

All Things Rosy

YAY for a while I have been staring at a gorgeous dress that I was itching to remake to fit me somehow with my intercontinental move Enlgand to Australia I never got round to it! Wonder Why? :)

Anyway the dress in question was sweet but it didn't fit me properly it was to baggy, I didn't really like the cut and it was a funny shape. But it was a gem because of the fabric.....
Its gorgeous...Oui?

So I completely unstitched the original dress and remade it in a different style - princess line bodice, gathered skirt etc
Later I will post a pic of me IN the dress because you cant see how it falls just on a hanger.
I have a bit of a thing about roses at the minute the bag above is my favourite it cost £25 or around AUS$5o from Cath Kidston. To the right is my bedspread also from Cath Kidston


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dancing In The Moonlight

Listening to Dancing in the Moonlight. This song is probably what springs to mind when someone says the word HAPPY.
I swear i am such a fan the first time i heard it I had just moved to my new school in Australia and they played it at year 11 debutante ball. It made me feel so happy it has an incredible buzz.
And to keep the record clear I LOVE both King Harvest and Toploader versions.
If you have NOT heard this song it will soon become one of your faves, ya know the one you end up singing obsessively:D like mee


Monday, July 27, 2009

1st Post

WOW a historic moment my first blog. I'm interested to see whether this venture is a success or a flop.
Being an avid reader of several fashion blogs i felt the somewhat ridiculous urge to join their ranks and share with, well lets be honest i doubt many people will read this but hey! i'll see if i can stick this out.